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The kindness and friendship of others has given me renewed hope for humanity. Last but not least to those of you (you know who you are) who have forgiven me for the mistakes, inconsiderable nature at times and/or rudeness due to unforseen circumstances I thank you so very much I’m grateful to you because I have learned to be forgiving of others as well. Thank you for your time to read my post. You are greatly appreciated. Love and blessings to all.

  • That’s for sure! My sister’s Only been gone for two months and two days, and it feels like forever ago! How I wish I can sit on a bench and just talk with her!
  • I miss my mom and dad 2 brothers 2 sisters and my love of my life of 30 year. On his death bed ask me to do him a favor I said yes ask me to remarry my ex-hubby I said Yes we were married nine years tell he got altimeters. I miss them all. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ fore. the time I had with them all . I love you Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you again Lois
  • Which one of those two walk-in is Jimmer how many always said the Bears were coming down from the mountains they’ve been sharpening in their teeth for a long time well that’s what he said Jojo and jibber as little Jimmy used to say oh how cute kick rocks will

This is so true,l always thought that lwould get the opportunity to welcome Abhi and Ashika in Mauritius,but they are gone .So sad. Oh they are so adorable, it’s so nice too see how much they love each other at such a young age and made sure they all hugged each one. It’s just too cute. God bless their little hearts.

Cute video but I don’t miss the hugs. Maybe if extroverts would generally respect an introverts personal boundaries, I would not enjoy this social distancing so much. Look at little babies more civilized and intelligent than adult, adults hate themselves for no reason in every part of the world

Stitch hugs Jack Skellington Halloween shirt, tank top, hoodie

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