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Sharing random crap doesn’t help anything. That looks old and nothing in there indicates police are involved or where. Save the space for the real issues. Anyone else want to start a petition to get “shared” banned from FB for inciting violence and false information? Everything I read from them is trying to get people mad about something to encourage emote wrong behavior or is straight up BS.

  • Are you freaking kidding me!? I am so sick of media propaganda that I am actually getting nauseous. how do you ppl sleep at night knowing you are dividing your country!?!?!?!?!
  • This is Kenya the police do as they please there and most likely because this was plastered all over social media she is no longer. Sorry this is not in uk so go to Kenya and do something about it don’t make people in this country feel more hatred Don’t we have enough here going on you have to dig up other country’s problems.
  • DO not believe everything you see on FB you are seeing it to get a reaction you are not sure that is a police man driving or a woman being dragged. the dragged one looks like they are on a sled of some kind.
  • Cops everywhere are letting their badge go to their heads. They figure their badges make them above the law. The headlines are misleading. This happened in Kenya. This headline is trying to cause more hatred. Stuff like this should never happened regardless where.

Why don’t the people who are now destroying our country go there , no because you haven’t the guts , stop stirring again. This is not here in the US. Totally misleading rubbish! Please fact check such outlandish stories. this is not right I don’t care where it is too many COPS think they can do what ever they want.

Need to do the same thing to him. If its okay for him to do it then its okay for someone else to do it. Whats the problem. I pay my taxes to clean up the streets of scum just like the officer gets paid for his job. People, This was in Kenya. Get over our USA police. Everything now is called Racism. One excuse to Rob, and Kill .


Steve McQueen Attack life it’s going to kill you anyway Motorbike poster

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