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I’ve never criticise her and will never do so but what I said in my comment is a thing everyone is aware of…why, let the young woman enjoy her it papa J’s picture ? Words can certainly not be enough to describe your personality, indeed you are beyond words Is my prayers that JDM chooses you as his running mate to make his victory easier. ove you k3k3. You got all: Simple, natural, beautiful, intelligent, bold etc. Soar higher. We rally behind you.

Great woman of our land. May the Lord be ur inspiration. For me you are my role model. You are beyond beauty. Honourable you are an inspiration to the youth of Ghana. Because of your humility and care for the poor despite your great family background. God bless you. Yes this is the best cute lady among the parlimetarians in ghana and indeed she’s deserved to inheritance her father JJ Railings . Dr, Zanetor Agyeman , you do all and we love you …..My dearest friend Honourable Doctor you look like a sweet 16. At one point I thought it was your daughter. You’ve nailed it . A woman of substance and virtue. You’re indeed an inspiration to Ghanaian ladies . Love you. The Adorable Queen of The Motherland.You are Honorable in A different way Of Beauty.I Salute The Queen.





















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