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I am Brazilian and I am hoping that the American justice will give office to President trump, as you said without the brave President trump the world runs a serious risk in its democracy. I’m praying a lot for the United States.

  • Kyla, as a proud Conservative, historian, teacher, mom, grandma and very grateful American, I am digging deep, to remember this: At the end of the day, what matters most is how you live your life, and love those dear.
  • Because we are fighting for our lives. In this country and around the world there is a shadow government and president Trump is fighting against this monolithic secret society that is trying to subject all people to its will. The US is the key to that rule.
  • They were so close when he beat Hillary thats why they have been enraged at him for 4 solid years, and now they will try ANYTHING to get him out of there so they can take over. Should they be successful it will not only be us Americans that suffer but the whole world and we will only be able to stop it by forcefully removing them.

They will take all firearms and murder dissenters. They will silence anyone who stands in between them and global conquest. We must NEVER allow them to have the power that they desire. Thats why its so important. If you believe in God please pray for us.

America should think twice because people all over in the world are looking up to them, if America can rings elections then democracy is death and gone. Exactly! His re-election not only affects the United States but areas and leaders all around the world. You know they are nervous about the peace treaties and all the accomplishments our President has done.

Will it all be undone by Biden? We have the strongest bonds with Israel and many others that were enemies of Obama and Biden. I’ve been praying everyday many times for God to keep His hands on President Trump. It’s so stressful to think of what’s going to happen to us and the world at a very fast pace. It’s not going to be good.


Starry Night With Godzilla Poster

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