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I was introduced to bruce through my partner some 30 odd years ago ..went to my 1st concert of his in September 1988 at Bramall lane …got right to the front …just love his music especially with th E street band

  • Just listened to bruce and the East Street band and their new song he and. The band get better with age hopefully he tour next year,  On the very day I watched Blinded By The Light for the first time, this gets announced a few hours later. It’s a sign!
  • Oh I so love this song. I first saw you at the show grounds in Melbourne years ago, like 1984 /1985 with my best friend who passed away soon after that concert. My friend Angela introduced me to your music through the disco period and I have been to your concert in Melbourne every since. I will download this but still wish for the days wher we could buy the album or CD love you Bruce an EStreet band.
  • Sounds fantastic. Love it. we will get back to having outdoor concerts again. I last seen you in concert with my daughter 8 years ago before she emigrated to Canada. We had a brilliant night. Keep well and stay safe.

Is it possible that he’s in better shape now then ever! Wow! Love the new song. Bruce you got my vote for President. You did something for us that no politician has done. Giving us hope for a future.

Love it Bruce. You always come through when times are tough. Great to see you all enjoying yourselves would have loved to watch you all. Stay safe, Love everything about this song and video!! Can’t wait for October to get here. The LP/CD will be the best thing SO FAR to happen this very very strange year.

Meh. Sounds like a better version of WoaD material. I’m sure the album will have better tracks, but this isn’t as good as anything off the excellent Western Stars, Any time I have a bad day. You bruce happened to pop up on my newsfeed, like today and man you know how to make a 24 year old British kid happy. I wish that more people my age/generation listen to your music more. I can’t wait to see you live again in the uk. Wellcome back!!!

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the U.S.A. lyrics poster

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