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Watch it, Facebook may ban this video and a march will be planned to stop replays of all movies with a hint of stereotyping. I still think it’s funny the guy that yells we ain’t found shit is tuvoc from Star Trek voyager !!

  • Gotta love how Dark Helmet was using the megaphone to talk and not using it to communicate with the desert combers. This was one of my most favorite scenes in Spaceballs. I love this movie. It’s my favorite science fiction comedy spoof movie. I never get tired of watching it & know all the lines practically by heart. I performed a few scenes in my high school drama class, starting with the ludicrous speed chase, then with the emergency landing on Vega, and lastly the scene with the villains planning the illusion of King Roland to capture Princess Vespa. Great fun!
  • It’s the internet, you don’t need to censor yourselves. If that’s the case, we wouldn’t be able to show like half of Blazing Saddles. This is my ultimate favorite movie in the world! It was the first movie my husband and I ever bought for our new DVD player 20 years ago!
  • Censorship sucks. This scene is just not the same without saying the word shit. Counting down 10 9 8 6 what happened to 7 just kidding still cracks me up what the fuck even in the future nothing works

Yeah she does great work. I also watched her on Desperate Housewives which starred another Seinfeld favorite. Wow great story.I kinda wondered what ever happened to Rick Moranis. Now I can relate to him after hearing this I totally understand.I too had to change my life after losing the love of my life and having a small child.

Great decision Rick your very brave to do all what u did…good for you…miss u very much on the big screen and wish you all the best in your future endevers…all the best. Wow this story needs to be told that love prevailed even though grief struck and how much he truly loves his kids it’s so rare to hear these stories there needs to be a movie and let his kids be in the come back movie. Love conquers all

He made a deal along with Dave Thomas and Disney that if they do Rutt and Tuke for Brother Bear that there will not be a Strange Brew 2. It was in Production when the duo decided to make a life-changing deal with Disney to reprise the hosers as Moose

Spaceballs The Face Mask

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