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tell me all about how wonderful Socialism is..I grew up under them..almost starved to death..was able to escape them as a teen.Thank God for America…the only still Free place on earth ! even just the word : Socialism” offends me..having lived under them and barely got out with my life…America..please please be aware..listen to those of us who survived them !!!

  • I’m a faculty member at one of the three seceding Baltic States that led to the collapse of the Soviet Union, and have walked through the execution chamber of what is now “The KBG Museum” in Vilnius. I’m very aware of the negative connotations of words like “socialism” in certain cultures. And wouldn’t you know it:
  • Lithuania and other post-Soviet bloc states have chosen “socialism” of a different kind for themselves, as have the British and the Syrians in Rojava, etc. Thats precisely my point. Popular blog articles like those on FEE and elsewhere encourage readers to reject qualification and nuance and react to sentiment.
  • Reacting to words, instead of thinking about them and learning how they have been used, is anti-intellectual and makes a person prone to the rhetoric of authoritarian dictators. Look how well it has worked for Trump: it is now controversial and “bad” to be “anti-racist,” “anti-fascist,” and even “anti-Nazi.”

Meanwhile in spring of 2020, US Congress redistributed more wealth through the state apparatus than all other state socialist and communist countries combined for the last 150 years. What a marvelously capitalist government!

 Marx also believed “community planning” with the absence of classes was anarchy. The practical result is still people being told what to do. Yay for reading Marx for one’s own self. Utopian Socialism is the stuff of fantasy novels. I have a degree in economics, and taught it during my 25 year career as a high school teacher (sometimes along with government.) I even wrote a high school textbook which is still in use by one of the highest rated charter school systems. I doubt that you can teach me any economics, and I have no interest in fantasy economics.

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Snowmobiles poster

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