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He gets soooo excited!! And start jumping! We have such an amazing connection. With I could post a photo. Our Dog Niki.. did that bow between my one year old Grandson and I and two very aggressive Rottweilers who were trying to get over the fence to us.. she just shot in front of us and did Her bow..the Rottweilers stopped barking and got down from the fence.. and that was that.. i figured She saved us..

  • My dog does the cutest thing… when I give him certain treats he will run to a bed or couch or even the basement and I know to follow him because of pattern lol, but he will bow and toss the treat with his nose towards me so we will play for a bit tossing it back and forth to each other. It’s so cute!
  • I always want to stop my bullmastive to stop the bowing and stretching thinking it can cause abortion, she is presently in labour now ,five puppies out I can’t tell how many remaining guy pray for her safe delivery. If my staffyboy is to rough and I go “ouw man than hurt” he will stop, look at me with a concerned apologetic look and then get up and give me lots of kisses! Sometimes they need to get pressure off their back and sometimes they want to play.
  • My pit does it. Dogs know how to heal themselves. Dogs know best . Humans mess it up!! My 15 yr old arthritic minpin still does this especially after he’s had his dinner and time outside. Even grabs a toy to throw around to impress me to play with him. I have a problem with my app hangout keep crashing do you know how to fix that appart for my dog fixind that would be appreciated,

Everybody has their own way of making their own recipes with its own name every recipe is not going to be the same with the same ingredients. It probably lacks taste because it’s half the ingredients for angel food cake. No vanilla or coconut flavors were added. No creme of tartar was added. Great job folding the mixture into a the desired shape though.

Why did you get offended when she suggested a simpler way? You were acting like an egoist….. Come on man… She does a lot for your videos, atleast have some regard for that and respect her suggestion and respond with respect…. That was much too rude honestly.

Keep doing both I love the crunch wrap video all these entitled people that think you should only do what they want or to be put into a box and not try anything else than what you are known for need to grow up. My sweet Jackson and his sister. We adopted Jackson… the Gold one. We wanted both, but was told no because brothers and sisters can kill each other??


Everything will kill you so choose something fun Snowcross poster

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