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I’ve been buying the bag of organic “little creamers” at costco, little reds and yukon golds, and boiling them. chill in frig and snack on them cold with only salt, pepper an tumeric. Surprisingly satisfying! i absolutely love the taste of potato’s all by themselves. i feel people eat them for their texture because dumping all that shit on them, ruins their taste.

  • just remember that you still need Fat in your diet. Don’t cut it out entirely. The good fats like Olive oil and avocados. Don’t fall for the non fat substitutes either. I have always loved potatoes no matter what anyone said I steam them and put a little bit of butter and eat them as a whole meal
  • Great article and podcast! I eat a lot of baked potatoes… naked… with only one pat of real butter, salt, and pepper on them! Not too bad at all… filling and delicious!!! Yes!! Ever since following MM, we eat a ton of potatoes here. I’ve discovered how good gold potatoes are and I especially love steamed potatoes. Plain. They’re so satisfying!
  • I’ll have to listen because I cannot eat nightshades and potatoes are one of the number one no no’s on the list next to tomatoes. When I have either one, I have a huge flair up. So, I am curious your reasoning on this. I eat my potatoes plain now. Thank you for reminding us how much fat we put on our veggies that is the real problem. I wish people would understand this more.

I learned a little trick. If you place cooked potatoes, regardless as to how they are cooked into the fridge for 24 hrs, the glycemic indicator drops substantially! Potatoes can go into a safe to eat zone! A long time ago, I heard Paul Harvey say that a baked potato was good for you….its the company it keeps that is bad, ie, sour cream, butter, etc.

I believe this! Earlier this year, I caught a stomach bug. I wasn’t sure what it was but I couldn’t hold my food down. I threw everything up. Even apples. I tried everything natural I had at home. My stomach would only take potatoes. So for 2 weeks I ate potatoes. I steamed it, baked it and made it into soup. Just plain potatoes.

Not even salt or any seasonings or herbs. After 2 weeks, my fatigue went away, my stomach felt better and I could eat other foods again. I also lost 10 lbs in 2 weeks. So whoever said potatoes are bad for you.. don’t know what they are talking about.

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Mountaineers poster

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