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I, too, had my pate, wine and cheese while enjoying the show and commentary. The walking tours around Mt. Blanc looked wonderful (and do-able!). Your generous and joyful spirit made for such a fun event! Thank you for a delightful travel evening!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your tour of the Alps last night , especially the part about the tour de mount Blanc . You stated that mount Blanc is the highest mountain in Europe and I’m not sure that is correct. My wife and I summited mount Elbrus ( one of the seven summits )last year and our Russian friends assured us that Elbrus ( 5642 m ) is the highest mountain in Europe.
  • We travel a lot ( sadly, not lately ) and enjoy your tour shows a great deal . Your books have been a great help to us on our travels because we get to see and hear things that we would not ordinarily get to. Thanks for doing most of the legwork for us.
  • I spent the whole evening traveling with you and learning alot. My Father imigrated from Germany in1928 after being in WWI It is wonderful for a 90+ year old to have this travel priviledge.  Thanks for sharing these! We aren’t able to participate on Monday, but Tues it is our date night to watch our future travel plans!

Had an awesome time! What a great idea infusing the video with behind the scenes comments by virtual Rick! My wife and I are already planning on doing the hiking portion of this itineray. It was a great episode, I was really fascinated by the Mont Blanc hike around it’s base. I was wondering if you could do part of the trail, without backtracking, instead of having to do all ten days. I don’t think I would ever have that much time on a trip to put in 10 days.

We are really enjoying the annotated episodes. You mentioned a week ago that filmed scenes get cut for lack of time or other reasons. Is there a way to show us some of the deleted scenes that don’t make it to the final version, in addition to your narration, on Travel Monday? This would make the live show really special.

I too enjoyed presentation. I posed several questions about Rick Steve’s travelers and beyrequired to take the coronavirus vaccine. I myself believe the vaccine shot should be required. And what happens if fellow tour traveler comes down with Covid while on one your tours?

Everything will kill you so choose something fun Mountaineers poster

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