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I have one Sueann, an RN with excellent diagnostic skills she saved lives when she worked in Nursing homes and the hospital but is now a school nurse, since I had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in July last year I’ve made a year and a half very comfortably! And knowing she’s near is very comforting and knowing God has aPlan for this Cancer!

  • The last 3 times I was in the hospital the nurse that took care of me most of the time was a man. He was so caring and compassionate and put me at ease immediately. If I have to go back in th3 hospital for any reason I sure hope I’m fortunate enough to get him again. He was everything you expect a nurse to be.
  • To all the nurses in the kirk and knapp families. There are many and many different degrees in nursing. So proud of everyone. Too many to name andi dont want to leave anyone out. Felicidades, happy birthday, tanti auguri Senator Kamala Harris. A universe of lovely events I wish you today and always. Health to savor each one with family and friends.
  • Gabby you are one of the strongest women I know, so thanks for always helping those who are fighting for women and the world! You are very intelligent, forbone thing; something we have not had in our government leadership SINCE our last ‘other-that-white’ administration.

Me’s think that we are looking at the1st Female President in the future. As an outsider watching, this woman is so impressive. Very intelligent, well spoken & very much across what she needs to say. The Boys club could be broken in the near future.

Thank you for running and leading the way forward for the nation. The transformation is long-overdue. I am an expat living in Spain since early 2016. When our local School District in Richmond CA went bankrupt in the 1990’s, I knew the country was in peril (with public schools being the hallmark of democracy).
Dear Kamala, I hope you were born to help the US set things right again. Your country sure needs you! And thanksgiving to your mother who gave you life. Birthday blessings. I was looking at a picture from 2016, of Donald Trump, staring at Hilary Clinton, while she was speaking. I had forgotten how much he fears women and how much it drives his behavior.

God found some of the strongest women and made them teacher poster

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