Soccer Jesus Saves shirt, hoodie, tank top


Soccer Jesus Saves shirt, hoodie, tank top

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I Love all your darling Rescue Pets. It’s so Special to see these happy furr babes, Respect!

And she is also deeply saying thank you thank you for wanting to love me and thank you for caring for my babies so we could all live I didn’t have to have any sadness today because you gave me my destiny and my future thank you ma’am God bless you honey for rescuing these dogs who needed love and help!!Its always such a beautiful sight too see how dogs are transformed from unhappy unloved too happy and loved
They just forgive and kept forgiving. I love pit so much. People who do this stuff of horror need to receive the same treatment,. God bless God’s creations of love. Thank you for loving these discarded babies. Thank God for giving you such a loving heart. May He bless you and your fur babies always.
I envy this lady. She is in great physical condition, and she is an example of an empathetic human. She’s got it all as far as I’m concerned. Love this transformation. My blood boils when I see this kind of neglect and abuse. Thank you for caring for this pup.







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