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I totally agree! Love this article! It was a huge honor to be asked! Such a wonderful memory going to take my fathers arm after being introduced! Summer of 1982….the memories of a lifetime! I was a Deb in 84 and a Meredith Angel. I begrudgingly left camp early that summer to attend parties. It’s not something I often admit these days. My life is so different but I am thankful for the friends I made that summer.

  • We get to be a part of this every year as the owner of Lifestyle Limousine Company. There is nothing better then seeing the love between fathers and daughters on this special night it’s the next best thing to a wedding.
  • We had the best summer and I never knew you had just lost your brother. We were living in Atlantic Beach and the best was always the Coral Bay party. You are always gorgeous l( and you still are!!!) and had a beautiful smile always, I never knew about your brother until recently. You are such an inspiration and you are everything that is true and right with this world, thank you, Adrian
  • I remember my mother wasn’t paying attention to me as I was opening the invitation and reading out loud to her….but when she caught on, she snatched it out of my hand so fast and was just beside herself. My daddy died 4 years later and I’m so happy I did it. He wasn’t able to give me away at my wedding, but he certainly was a proud daddy presenting me to society in 1985.

I just saw this. It was a wonderful experience for our family also. I loved shopping for the dress with my daughter & seeing her Dad be her Chief Marshall. Love your article! Yes, I am a bit tongue in cheek about my “debut” in 1993 but it was a blast. Would not trade it for anything! So glad that it brought so much joy for y’all.

I remember taking a walk around our neighborhood block my heart breaking as I told my dad that he had to take the job that he loved….leaving the high paying status job he had. Even if it meant that I would never be a deb. But he made sure that at 18 he asked for my blessing before the job change.

Love, love, love this article! As a “Deb” so much of this resonates with me–brings back lots of sweet memories like wearing my mother’s Deb dress and sharing that father-daughter lunch at Angus Barn. Thank you for the walk down, memory lane!


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