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I agree there’s a lot of idiots out there. You can tell them apart because they’re all wearing bits of rag across their face to “protect others” while scientists studying viruses in labs wear fully sealed haz-mat suits… It’s also true that people are selfish. Imagine cheerfully watching millions lose their jobs or have NHS treatments delayed because you’re scared of something that has a less than a 1% chance of killing you…

  • We are in tier one in Cornwall and lots of markets have been cancelled here. Health has to come before wealth. We shall all be in lockdown again soon. with all due respect Cornwall is already wealthy and prosperous. I was on holiday there a few years ago and it was like a different world. You should try coming to Nottinghamshire. Many areas are like the slums.
  • Parts of cornwall are some of the most deprived and underdeveloped in the country. Just because there are some nice second homes owned by people who don’t live in Cornwall, doesn’t make it wealthy and prosperous. I don’t know what part of Cornwall you went to but like everywhere there are expensive areas and deprived areas.
  • Get your facts straight before you make a statement. Cornwall is one of the lowest paid areas and most deprived. Most of the expensive areas are caused through second home owners who push the property price up, making it very hard for our youngsters to get on the property ladder. These homes also sit empty making our villages deserted in the winter. We are rich in scenery, beaches and open spaces. We are in tier 1 and want to stay there.

Health before wealth is ok if you’ve got the money. I’ve lost thousands this year with my business. Tiny handouts via grants from government I’m to pay tax on. How do you tax a grant??? Not taking a loan out to keep going either. I’m betting you’re employed and happily receiving furlough pay. Thousands are not getting anywhere near what they need. When crime rates massively increase tunes will change.

I live in Cornwall and yes it is a lovely place to live but prosperous it not something I have ever heard it called. We have a low infection rate due to geography and a lack of industry not wealth. Does not matter were we all live let’s keep london open everything open that’s were all the knobs live so they can go shopping.

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