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I cannot understand that a part of the American people who voted for this guy who locked himself for months in his basement never answering questions, or ran away from questions due to his remorse of conscience and in his little election campaign there was almost no one,

  • and he was elected future president from the United States, how can the world vote for Joe when he says he is going to stop the “fraking”, reduce the exploitation of oil and he will sharply increase taxes and so on, incomprehensible that this people the American so evolved and so educated stoop to elect this guy with apparent senility as president with this past tainted with presumably corruption, it is nothing to understand.
  • John Smit it’s good for him that every case lost he can take it to Supreme Court and if they rule that Congress and senate vote then he’s in because they only get one vote and there are around 30 republicans and only 19 democrats so I think you’ll find that losing in the small courts is what he wanted now before you all jump on me I’m not American so have no stake in who I wish to win I’m just telling the facts that I have read up on without being bias against one party
  • Sameh Abou Arayes well trump beat Hillary bye the same amount does that mean it was voter fraud in 2016? Biden had more vote than any president in history. The people has spoken move on. The majority did not vote for Biden, and the rampant fraud with Dominion will show that in the days ahead. Just hang on!

Sameh Abou Arayes then how come he has lost every single court case? How come his own lawyers have had to state in court that they cannot prove fraud happened? How come 2 of his law firms have already dropped him as a client and a third is refusing to bring anymore lawsuits to court? If fraud was so absolutely rampant, why can’t he find any proof of it?

Never happened. Trump just desperate. You all will believe anything he says. Hahahaha. I’m an indy and this thread is hilarious. President Donald J. Trump won the election honestly and We The People know this to be true. God bless his next four years as President. God bless America.

Wanetta Lynn Rose Smith hahaha. How’s that parroting working out for ya? Copy and pasting is convenient isn’t it? Not a single original thought. Not one ounce of proof. Bless your heart. So far, President Trumps staff have 234 pages of sworn affidavits alleging Election irregularities from just ONE county in Michigan.


Skeleton Tarot Card The Lovers poster

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