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That is what Cabal wants …either way there is no way they can let Biden win when they sent out 10million indiscriminate ballots to each state that anyone knowing time of delivering could grab from letter boxes – under guise of Covid which is a Hoax …I and 15 people I know and know of were dreadfully sick in JANUARY. .

  • .Me a heart problem could not breath but went to sleep with a fan in my face..no testing then. I later had a heart stent put in. There is no way I would want economies to shut down for me – I take my chances and make decisions:/ God bless you kind man in the meantime.
  • Brilliant if it wasn’t so terrifying- the corruption in his party is really scary and he is just a puppet with dementia- but it’s Soros and Gates pulling the strings. So many ballots fir Trump seem to have , helpfully, home missing and there are hundreds is not thousands of dead people riding from their tombs to vote for Biden
  • Got it in one there. The Don is not an Elitist Politician and that is why they hate him so much because he is not one the “Club” The fox has ruffled a few feathers these past 4 years and that is why they are so desperate not to let him have a 2nd term. They know he really would clean out the chickens when they come home to roost.

Your right he looks like he has come back from the dead,this has happened to Nigel Farage a few times by the Labour Party that was proven another one they send voting papers to the universities for the students and

Ernie Terrye OMG you couldn’t make this up and they have 4 extra years to perfect the fiddling. There is something very rotten going on over the pond Trump is spot on he knows what is going on hope he takes them all to the cleaners with the lawyers and exposes their dirty campaign for what it is.

well she was married to a man who said he did not have sexual relation with a woman whilst President at the Whire House. Seems political powers theie God at any cost. it all needs to checked and any discrepancies properly investigated with full access to ALL legitimately interested parties why would someone who believes in democracy have a problem with that.

Six Feet People Grinch face mask

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