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You are lucky, the only time I saw Palmer was years ago in new BERN, nc, when Curtis Strange had his charity tournament. Always routed for him and was upset when Jack would beat him. Always a bogey golfer but love the game. Thanks for mentioning Arnie, from a member of Arnies army, even though I retired from the Marine Corps.

  • Was a Park City PGA Golf volunteer…At the driving range a little two year old asked Arnold to sign his golf ball..Arnold said: “I don’t sign golf balls but you are so darn cute I will sign yours”..At the completion of the tournament Arnold piloting his own aircraft buzzed the course with a wonderful goodby..Always a hero in my book..
  • THIS IS GREAT! LOVE IT! I grew up with a Dad who was always on the Golf Course and watching Great Players like Arnold Palmer on TV! My Dad went to many golf Tournaments and saw him play. He always spoke highly about Arnold Palmer.
  • Arnold Palmer is one of the best golf legends I’ve ever heard of. Golf is a great sport. I played it in my backyard as a college student and watched it. Also used to play an online virtual PGA Tour golf game.

I have a friend who years ago in St Andrew served up food to Arnold Palmer in the hotel he was staying in He was such a good and respectful guy to all the staff That’s when you can tell a genuine person

Arnold Palmer, humble extremely charitable and well loved and respected. My weekends are spent watching golf and I think of the Three some, Arnold, Jack and Gary..Golf is a sport that can be played at any age.

I was there and I enjoyed every minute. Only wish I’d have is that my kids and I got to actually meet you. It’s a once in a life time to meet such a great man in leadership and I pray and my only wish would be to meet you one day, and well four more years of your leadership. Hell if I had it my way, youd stay in office.

The Most Important Shot In Golf Is The Next One Poster

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