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Virginia is looking Republican for president once again after 12 years of being a blue state. They won’t call it on the news even though Trump is in the lead by a landslide because they want to make sure that all the mail in ballots are counted.

  • thats them biden supporters thinking everything is about them. She wasnt talking to you she was talking to the actual comment not the reply from you, no one cares for your reply all you did was ryme congrats. “We speak english in the usa” god forbid if trump said that,  youd be crying and so would his supporters.
  • As soon as your brain tells your body to move to the music you become the greatest dancer no matter. Keep on dancing. Keeps your mind alert and your body agile. Love it. Freaking love him!! All the BS going around since he started running for President the first time and yet he’s still going strong and positive
  • god does not condone this type of grabbing women or making fun of handicapped, he surely does not even approve of his choice of rallying in a pandemic that’s infected more people in the last two weeks, seriously how do you live with supporting such a dumb careless individual who only cares about himself. He does not even care about his own family.

I ask the same question too. He gets covid as a senior and comes out of it looking better. How the heck did so many people doe of it? He’s blessed by God. I don’t know where he gets his energy he doesn’t drink doesn’t do drugs I think he just enjoys showing all of US how corrupt the politicians in washington really are!…….

God choose anyone to save America. It’s in the Bible. God used imperfect person like Moses and Cyrus. Besides all of us is sinners. No one is perfect except God. God is touch him with his holy spirit. Bidens is corrupt all Democrats Party are corrupt.

God want President Trump to clean up the corruption and killing of babies. Glad God choose President Trump with no fear and can’t be bullied. America doesn’t needs politicians who promises and just enrich themselves. America needs a Pitbull not a chihuahua

She dreams in color She dreams in red shirt,tank top, hoodie

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