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I believe that’s more of an average life span. They can live into their hundreds but because of less natural predators their giant land cousins have a higher life expectancy. May God bless each and every one of those guys that helped her and guided her and bless the camera man for sharing this with the world

  • It’s stories like this one to give a different look at life , the human side where good people helped this beautiful turtle , there is so much to be learned through nature ! Bless all of you, you mentioned me but I cant get that comment, so stay away, spamm doesn’t belong here
  • I appreciate what they did to free her from the grass and get her headed in the right direction. But on the beach I wanted to yell at them to get out of the way and let her be. I hope her egg makes it to the sea and longer. I hear baby turtles don’t have a good chance in the ocean because they are eaten by other sea animals
  • This where humanity finds itself.helping animals .can not imagine the gratification on helping this beautiful creature, Thank you for helping this mama leave behind the next generation and perhaps be back someday to do it again. You are heroes!!!

So good to help such a massive turtle— it means next year she’ll lay another clutch. When you see a turtle that size you know it’s been living a good long life. So important for a threatened species to help these adults.

Thank you so much for saving her oh my gosh I am so jealous have you guys because you got to experience something so magnificent wow thanks a game, I had no idea leatherback turtles are so big!! They are like the Galápagos tortoises but in the ocean!! And seeing her struggle was so sad, she wanted to get back to the ocean, she did her part to ensure her species continues. Happy ending was a tearjerker!!

I have pictures and video of a Ridley turtle coming in to lay her eggs, and leaving once she finished. We contacted the park rangers and they came out and harvested the eggs to be taken to a turtle reserve for safe hatching. She laid 104 eggs on May first. They hatched 45 days later and were taken back to the beach where they were removed from and released back into the Gulf of Mexico.

Sea Turtle Co Bath Soap Wash Your Fins Poster

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