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Says the guy with no identifying pic or info on his account. You, sir, are part of the problem. Don’t engage me, I’m Canadian, I don’t give a damn about you or your country. I have plenty of identifying information, but it’s only visible to my friends. Consider yourself engaged. It seems like you care about our country, and you probably should.

  • My husband and I have cancelled our trip to Egypt scheduled for this coming January. After watching your Egypt special last night, we’re even more eager to reschedule. I’m going to watch the show again and take notes. We love your educational approach and your encouragement to get away from the tourist areas and strike up conversations with the locals.
  • I couldn’t agree more with your reflection on travel and shifting political perspectives. However, as someone who grew up without the means to travel, I think educational resources like your show can function the same way.
  • It’s why I use clips from your show in my classes now that I’m a teacher. I can’t take my students (many of whom live in rural areas and have little means) to Europe or Iran or Israel, but I can let them have a taste of people and places outside their own familiar surroundings. Keep creating great content! It’s not just for folks planning $20k trips to France…it helps all of us gain a little perspective.
  • I had to cancel a transatlantic cruise on Celebrity and we planned extra days on the end of our trip in England…alas…BUTI have enjoyed daily new adventures through your travel series. Thank you!
You are so right about the benifits of travel. I grew up in the era of Vietnam, and a year ago last February we decided to expand our travel experiences with a trip to the country that dominated the news cycle during our teen years.
We watched as so many classmates left for Southeast Asia, and sadly not as many return. We truly did not know what to expect, and became more uneasy as our departure date came closer. It was such a memorable experience and we came home with a much deeper understanding of the culture and people that had for so long made us uneasy.
I truly believe that if more had the opportunity and desire to travel outside their comfort zone it would be a big step in helping to live peacefully. And, yes I am taking the 3rd of November off work to be assured of being at the polls!

Scuba Diving Let the sea set you free poster

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