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Collin O’Sullivan of course where would FB be with out assholes. Everybody that has to comment negative on EVERYTHING can suck the chrome off a Harley. Just enjoy.  It was a shot at how many comments rip videos like these ones that are usually pretty cool to just enjoy for what they are. If I’d left a negative comment about the actual video itself, that would be hypocritical. Grab your dictionary.

  • Man, who’s have thought a sarcastic jab would set so many people off? And that meme was me having a laugh at myself, laughing along w Iain saying I’m triggered & this whole thread in general. I’m busting chops, my own included.
  • i live in oak park illinois which borders chicago. i have seen coyotes racing down the streets at night (3 am on weeknights). it’s pretty funny. We would do night rides with our motorcycles in the British Columbia mountains and would always hear them, see them following us through the trees in a distance however not closeup like this!!
  • The one in the lead must’ve been in heat. Title should’ve read, “Woman dangerously films wolves chasing each other while driving”, One of this pups running in my direction and I would outrun them flat out… on foot. mighty animals… anyway, jokes apart beautiful the way they run… now I’m green with envy… who wouldn’t want to run with wolves?

They were trying to run away with out going through the deep snow on both sides of the road. Wolves don’t casually race cars for fun in reality, only in a liberal hipsters mind. Many, many years ago, I think about 40-42, my brothers, two friends a me were riding our motorcycles in th desert badlands of the RED DESERT and we all came across a wolf.

One wolf, he was alone and he was so incredibly beautiful. Large, in his prime I believe, and he watched us watch him for a moment in time, then he took off loping across the prairie desert. We kept our distance but we followed him for quite a distance before we stopped. He was a gorgeous sight to us all and not threat to us in any way, either.

Susan Jørgensen here in Denmark they’re debated hotly. They’ve reintroduced themselves from Germany, but so many people are so panicked about what it could possibly mean to have a large predator around. We’re so bloody soft.

Be strong when you are weak Be brave when you are scared Be Badass everyday Rabbit Poster

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