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Like someone wrote earlier the Dems are spoiled untrustworthy brats who are out to destroy our American freedom just so they can control us and our lives ,our money and anything else they can think of to control the American public .

  • I get beat up every day for you sir . Facebook Biden believers kill me they see nothing wrong with Biden touching little girls that are not even his children or grandchildren. Come on these are other peoples children he is touching. Because Trump had a picture made with Epstein .
  • President needs to investigate who actually brought covid to his administration.. most likely a Democrat inorder to derail his election efforts and delay SCOTUS confirmation! I wouldn’t put it past a deranged Democrat!
  • Get well soon, the American people love you so much and we can’t wait with your usual enthusiasm and dedication. I wept seeing people standing by at the Walter reed hospital holding a prayer vigil in solidarity. That was a token compare to the good work you have done for the past 3’1/2 yrs.

Mr president you have lost millions of personal fortune, saving this country from the Washington traitors, sacrificing all that you worked hard for over the years for this great country, what kind of a leader would do such. You went to DC to get the job done, when other couldn’t. you save the country from the third world condition it was diving into, when you got elected.

We pray for your health and for the first lady Melania together with the entire family. The silent majority refused to be silent no more. ‘YOU deserve four more years to continue in the oval office, with the support from the loving people of Americans, you will finish the great job you have started.

When people lie and spread mass lies about people and situations it’s slander. Why are the media allowed to slander and not be held accountable? They’re not above the people in anyway so how are they getting away with mass slander?

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Fight for the things you care about face mask

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