Rottweiler Dog 3D hoodie


Rottweiler Dog 3D hoodie

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I used to have a Rottweiler that would carry my cat (a kitten at the time) around by putting his head in his mouth. At first, we thought he was killing the kitten. But we told him “drop it” and he carefully lowered his head and opened his mouth. The kitten was totally fine! He was trying to carry the kitten like a mother cat! They were best friends ever since Rotties are my favorite dog . They are so smart & I swear my dog was human , she was amazing ! She would never hurt anyone or another animal . No dog is a fighting dog !!!!!!! Dogs are NOT born mean rotten people make them that way !

My Rot was introduced to the babies immediately, in their diapers, straight from the hospital. That dog took it all as my son grew up being hit on the head with sticks, riding around on him, etc. Rufus was the best to my babies. I have guinea pigs and I’ve very careful with the dog around them. He shows no aggression but I don’t want him playing in the wrong way. They are gentle giants Rosie our Amber use to let the cockatiel walk all round her and peck at her. Lovely pic can’t wait until I get another one xx Unfortunately, last week Razor owners got home really late, way past his feeding time. I guess Snickers seemed quite tempting that day. Long story short, Snickers left us to meet his maker.




























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