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Remember a client in Florida who’s dog would do this, but by barking and running to the front door like someone was there. the other dog always fell for it every time too. My dog will be naughty somewhere else in the house so I have to get up and get her. Then once I get to he she runs and steals my spot on the couch. She’s a jerk.

  • I’ve been using my public library resources and signed up for two language programs. It’s fun to watch foreign films with subtitles helps me to practice the language! also try watching any of your favourite English programs with foreign subtitles selected on Netflix or streaming services…. It helps! You start to learn to read and put words together!
  • I taught 1st year Spanish and for a treat occasionally we would watch a movie in Spanish language either with English or Spanish subtitles, depending on how far along they were in their language acquisition. Harry Potter really is good in Spanish although not culturally relevant, but just for the language part, it was easy to follow.
  • Line up your kid’s stuffies, and as you walk by them loudly sharing ‘I don’t know why they didn’t order their tickets online, they mustn’t have watched enough Rick Steves!’ I vote for Michelle Gellar as that first experience with a French “toilet” on a trip through the countryside is something I’ll never forget! to my Dad’s consternation in our French gite, he found that he could not both sit on the toilet and shut the door at the same time. We all had to traipse out of the cottage while he used the toilet.

We are not a demonstrative family. My first and only floor toilet was in Istanbul beside of the Ayia Sophia. It was the end of our tour. I looked in, saw a hole, and left immediately (shocked!), and waited to getback on the cruise ship. I never ran across one again, but kind of struggled with other European toilets. Like, how do I flush this thing?

Or the door that doesn’t quite close..or how do I turn on the tap? Fun times,funny memories! As a veteran of eight fantastic Rick Steves tours, I like Sandy Miller’s “Put all of your clothes and essentials that you’ll need for two weeks in a single carry-on-size drawer and use only those things for two weeks.” Steves and his associates videos on packing light.

We made the trip with a carryon roller bag and backpack each, which included room for hubby’s insulin and pump supplies, as well as his CPAP machine!  the place we rented in Venice encouraged us to give our dirty laundry to the person who met us to give us the key and explain the rules. It was washed, dried and folded the same day


Roses are red Foxes are clever I like your butt custom mug

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