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I know being outside lowers the risk, but why take a chance? its a much much lower risk just passing someone on a trail outdoors. A lot of people aren’t used to high altitude. I bring mine in my day pack just in case. But normally just pull my headband down over my mouth and nose.

  • Candy Gobrecht Just Breathe. It’s actually really good for us to get outside, maintain social distance, breathe in the fresh air (probably the freshest it’s been in awhile) and enjoy the outdoors. As Stu said, it’s a National park not a bar.  This closure was due to wildfire, not Covid. RMNP does not have any jurisdiction over which decisions the state makes.
  • As an RN of 44 yrs and still working this is safe only if people social distance and if someone is not a carrier of Covid and you don’t walk into the area where they breathe right after them. Precautions should be taken.
  • Just like your crisp morning air, you breathe new life into my tired soul. Your scenic majesty heals the brokenness within me and cleanses every fiber of my being. You bring peace as my heart knows where it truly calls home. I cried for you as you were stripped of what some would say is your beauty.

Those of us that truly love you know that your beauty lies deeper than your forests. The sturdy pines and quaking aspens were part of you, but not the whole of you. Your ability to inspire will continue as you rebirth your own image, reminding all of us that we can do the same.

You have meant so much to me since the first time I passed through your gates in 2004 as a wide eyed tourist with my love who has since passed. I had no idea how to get around on my own there until I moved to Boulder in 2014 and started exploring on my own. I have always felt enveloped in peace in the park, wrapped in stunning beauty, quiet… calm.. the spot I spend time at Dream Lake has become a spiritual haven.

I read, I meditate, I snack, I reminisce, I watch the clouds move past, the chipmunks scamper up, hoping for a morsel of food I don’t give, listening to the breeze through the trees, the water of the lake lapping against the rocks, the chirping of the birds. Magical. You will always, always be one of my happy places. I love you, Rocky Mountain National Park..


Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago poster

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