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I don’t see how that would even matter or be an issue if they had a low IQ. I just see two people having a damn good laugh together, not harming anyone in any way. I think they are giving out a good message..to laugh and be kind and enjoy life. Bless ’em I say

  •  What does their IQ have to do w/anything? I mean tell me, school me! They must have low IQ’s because they videoed themselves being silly, making people laugh, enjoying their time together, and it was actually a nice clean cut video! To me that makes em pretty smart! People that try to bring others down like that only do so because they’re not happy and they don’t like seeing others happy!
  • This is funny but can be dangerous due to inhalstion of any powdery substance. It can be dangerous because it sets up a chemical reaction in ones lungs., this procedure is definitely not recommended. especially if it occurs regularly… i’m glad i’m not the only one. they could also get several different types of infections. imagine if you snorted e.
  •  Actually, the use of powder is what they would treat pneumothorax with back in the Vietnam war era. A pneumothorax is a hole in the lungs that allows the lung to collapse. In the field, they used Heinrich valves to allow the lungs to re-expand then the powder was used to set up a reaction that caused the hole to seal over! Many babies have had problems when they inhale baby powder.

Wouldn’t it be just great if everyone could enjoy themselves having a laugh and not worrying about the shit going on in the world.U r so right Ron slaugter. There r so many serious & stressful things going on in the world. Laughing helps us deal with it all. I’d rather die laughing than die in a stressful situation.

Then why do it. Yes I am older but not dead yet and that doesn’t mean you should be so nasty. You too will be old one day. I hope you don’t have to hear someone be so mean to you. Besides, just because my sense of humour is not up to yours, doesn’t mean I am any less of a person than you! Please remember that.

Rock Paper Scissors Throat Punch I Win Stitch shirt, hoodie, tank top

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