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I can usually get through these stories (happy endings) but this one has me in tears. How can anyone treat an animal so cruel? I so wish I had the extra money to fix my fence in the backyard I’m on fixed-income already have one dog but I would love to foster a get another dog but I know I need my fence fixed I’ll be saving.

  • This is the best page on Facebook!! Can’t get enough of watching these beautiful stories. If we all could just spread love like these little guys do so naturally, the world would be a much better place.
  • Love the animals in Dodo videos, love the people who take care of them, love the people who foster them, love the people who give them a home. The rest of you stink
  • We are just amazing, as a species, when it comes to turning things into couch-potatoes.. well, maybe not cats.. they didn’t need any help in that area..  I thought she was pregnant at first !! My daughter has resued many omg she’d bring them home in the night , she started young !! She about had every animal , that girl heart, as big as a elephant body , lived in Costa Rica for ten years ! On the grid monkeys in out of the house lol 

Bless her I was in a severe accident came home to take care of me !! Brought Lucy with her but sadly Lucy passed at 7 Years old from cancer in her tummy and leg it was horrible putting her down ! Now we have RA he’s a hand full I swear he flys

When they rescued her there was no mention of pups, but she looked like she had just recently had pups.  she was more than likely a breeder/baiting dog for dog fighting. Once the mom can no longer have puppies they dump them, but this one looks like she was used as a bait dog for a while, as well.

I know she had many scars on her head and body when they found her but she looks absolutely beautiful now. Scars don’t have to mean a bait dog, stret dogs get into fights with each other, quite common. Most likely a dumped breeding dog. Very sad, people are horrid

Rick James – Fuck Your Couch shirt, tank top, hoodie

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