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I think people that don’t let their pets up on the couches are the the kind of people that value their pets below everything else. That dog will end up getting re-homed at some point, when they get “to busy” or someone in the house is suddenly “allergic”. Or maybe I’m just cynical.

  • That dog is clearly saying “Up!” So My vote it to pick that precious wrinkled little ball of cuteness overload up. I’m a bad mom cause I woulda thrown out that leather couch for one my baby could get on!
  • My dog knows witch couch he is allowed on. He knows grandmas couch is of limits, at least the one in the living room. But the couch outside is free. He also knows he has to get invited in our couch. But again he knows that other people’s couches no no
  • what a cruel human… how can you say you love your dog and not alowed onto the couch, or litteraly ur entire house. you woudlnt let ur children/visitors sit on the floor now would you
  • Dogs are no different to kids. They need rules and boundaries. It doesn’t mean you love them any less. Would you rehome your kid because he didn’t do as he was told ? No. Get a grip !

Let the pup on the couch!!! Their lives are so short… Give them a balanced and loving life on the furniture. They can be well behaved dogs and be on the furniture.

 I would not wanted for my mom, a puppy needs to cuddle, he needs to be with their human, if the worry is him falling off just put a soft rug near the couch…my girls sleep with us so who am I to say anything, lol

House rules, yah, mine are different, guests are guests, my girls live here, when they go ( hope it takes many years ) guests can have the couch…they are only 4 pounds each and they are my companions, sorry, they come above guests…and you can be firm but not aggressive, when you point a finger to a pup there are 3 others pointing at you.

Rick James – Fuck Yo Couch shirt, tank top, hoodie

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