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I work in a long term car facility, among the patients there are many seniors and so many of them can’t stand Voldemort!  I’m in a care facility and TRUMP 2020 he has done more for the American people in 3 years than crazy joe has done in almost 50 years.

  • Working in a care facility you shouldn’t be talking to the patients about YOUR political views with them because you are pushing them into voting for someone YOU.want they mishandled PPE responses very much needed in these facilities and undermined the importance of basic public health protocols that places vulnerable people in danger.
  • yes cuomo is responsible for the alarming rate of deaths ALL across the country since HE is in charge of the entire country’s response lol. And you don’t need to be so crass just like your leader. Insults that are uncalled for and unnecessary in a civil debate. And that makes you irrelevant to the conversation. I will go high as you continue to sink lower.

Barbara Jackson , if you are in a care facility you should know it’s the residents that do the talking (most of the time) as they relish the social interaction and they are always willing to share their thoughts and experiences. when trumpy came up with MAGA in his run for the presidency 4 years ago, it should now be AIGA (America Is Great Again)

but I see more MAGA hats which tells me he still hasn’t made America Great again after 4 years! In fact it’s worst than it was 4 years ago. So I hope you can get access to his medical facility and helicopter ride when you get Covid like he did!

I’m better off under Trump than under obamass I lost my private insurance because of Obamass and struggled to find other insurance and then got fined for not having insurance. Ya mean the demoncraps wanting to put the sick in old folks homes to kill them off so they won’t have to pay back the money they have been stealing from social security for the last 50 years long before Trump got into politics and I don’t just blame the demoncraps it’s both parties getting rich off the taxpayers.

Resident Evil 2020 poster

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