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I just watched this the other night on Amazon, or is this a different version on the same theme? Been to many of the sites featured – very disturbing. You should do a similar one on Vietnam and Cambodia without the whitewashing that blurred out the evils perpetrated by the US military.

  • If you have the opportunity, watch Rise of the Nazi’s on PBS. It’s a fascinating and informative look at how Hitler was able to rise to power. With my families background originating in Germany,
  • I looked into what happened because it impacted me knowing I was of that descent. It shook me to the core what the nazi’s did. Glad to find out our family immigrated before the turn of the 19th century. But it still bothers me to see that very same thing manifesting in America.
  • Hate knows no shame. It only knows it wants to feed it’s desire to cast upon others it decides is not worthy of anything equal. Wonderful singer! Opera singers need warming up and the right temperature for their voices to work effectively. He was amazing, especially in those conditions.

Russell is absolutely amazing x a singing lesson from Russell how fantastic x he’s completely awesome x a real nice down to earth Man with a beautiful soul. I am so envious of those camp mates! I would give anything to have a proper singer with such a beautiful voice sing to me! I also appreciated the way he told Holly to hold a note and not warble around with it, as so HATE the way so many singers nowadays engage in these vocal gymnastics as just very irritating.

Totally does my head in listening to so-called “singers” these days, embellishing words and breathing in the middle of a word. My old music teacher, Miss Agnes F Hoey, would’ve had a pure and utter FIT had we done that in her choir. I can still hear her shouting “breathe from the diaphragm” I hate the warbler too and a reason I gave up watching the xfactor. They seem to like it though. I also hate the way some of them have to bend over to reach a high note. Leona Lewis is an example. No proper singer would need to do this.

Red Truck Christmas Quilt

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