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The one on the left is my poinsettia I got last year. Next year I’ll start putting her in the closet, I didn’t realize even a bit of light would prevent her from getting her beautiful color back, My grandmother use to do this. I believe she used a paper bag in the closet because she didn’t want to risk any light getting in.

  • In Australia we treasure them as long lived red leafed indoor plants especially around our hot Christmas time.. They will actually grow here in our June Winter and the leaves turn red, yellow, pink etc when grown outdoors in cold climates! In growing nurseries, Poinsettia seedings are also ‘tricked’ with extra cold and light restrictions for them to be red ready for December and Christmas season!
  • They say to keep it in darkness for 30 days right before you wanted to “Bloom quote. Mine always response to that. This year I didn’t put it away and it’s turning red anyway! I don’t do the “closet thing”. Took 3 Poinsettias from this past Christmas. Planted them in a pot this Spring. Left out on the deck all summer; brought in when nights became too chilly.
  • She sits in a cool foyer that gets bright sun all day and her leaves, on every plant, are turning red. I’m waiting for the flower beads to form. Not the first time I have done this. Yup….these are truly unappreciated plants. People toss them, after Christmas, when they get spindly.

I had the same shrub but unfortunately I let mine freeze. I had no place to put it where I live and nobody wanted to take it. Fun to see how big they can get! You can have a contest with your friends to see who can guess how many flowers (clusters of flowers?) your gigantic plant will produce. The flowers are small and white and surrounded by red leaves, aren’t they?

Well, there were no names on the toys! So they were up for grabs! He did give Santa his wish list. And he only took a couple! Plus he has been a good boy. He thought his wish came true and he got his own petsmart at work!

Red Christmas truck bedding set

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