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Listening to this took me back to not long after I left school and I walking along the seafront in Helensburgh one evening. I recall thinking about how to ask a girl I’d liked for a wee while to go to the movies or something. I remember plucking up the courage one evening a couple of months later to go to Somerfields, where she worked on the checkouts, to ask her out.

  • I went down the close, out the flat, turned left and there she was… Walking along the seafront on a first date, going into a restaurant called “Mira Mare” for some dinner. I believe they are now married, have a beautiful family, live in America and I wish nothing but the best of luck and love to them
  • I have a friend who has been to see everything you and wets do. She even uses me to distract you so she can squeeze your cheeks. Not a granny thing either. As you can guess I have been along to many a show. We even went to Belfast. We had a misunderstanding. Never the same, love hurts. She has seen you more than your mirror. Lol. 90+ times
  • Beautifully sang, as ever Marti. Really hoping you’ll read this as I’d like to request that you sing Sweet Little Mystery tomorrow. I truly love that song & you know what they say … if you don’t ask, you don’t get

Lol Marti , your wee disco story made me think of a question for your Q&A night. Where you one of those boys who used to send wee love notes to the girl you fancied at school , Stunning like you I was a teen in the 70s and usually one of the girls hoping someone would ask me to dance at school discos or at the dancing ( shuffles) In sauchiehall st Amazing loving Lochdoon sessions xxxxx love to love you

Good morning Marti. Just seen this and it has fair cheered me up. What a lovely start to my day. I was a 70s teenybopper and this took me back to those special days when the only worry we had was if our fave band would get to number one in the charts.

I just really really really love Snoopy shirt,tank top, hoodie

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