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I am a true fan of grandma Daisy I came across her on Facebook several years ago she reminds me of one of my elders in our family called Big MaMa and My Oldest Niece Was her caregiver Big grandma just remind me grandma Daisy but if I have a bad day I’ll just find her on Facebook grandma Daisy family I send you plenty of prayers and blessings

  • Grandma Daisy was a joy to watch. I always looked forward to seeing what she and her niece Karen were up to. The videos brought me so much joy to watch.
  • Grandma Daisy is missed because she touch so many of us who just needed a laugh to get thru the day, THANKS Karen for Sharing her with us, Rest In Peace, Sleep on
  • I can still hear her singing… Every child, every child of God, is running for Jesus just like an automobile. Prayer is your drivers license, Faith is your steering wheel!
  •  I love the song “Automobile”, my Uncle Jean favorite song, he was from Alabama so when he passed, my mom song this song at his funeral. I loved to hear Miss Daisy sing that song, it brought memories of my uncle to my mind. Thank you for sharing your grandma with us.

I loved it when she would take off walking and those kids were riding their bikes passed her she started calling them names. Bless her heart. I died laughing. I knew that her illness was causing her words but she made my day everyday.

Thank you Miss Daisy, you always brought joy to my day. Karen, you are an amazing granddaughter and you, my dear, have a special place in heaven waiting for you right next to your Grandma Daisy. God rest her soul and Karen, stay safe.

My mom is going thru Damatia now and it is very difficult for me. I thank you Karen for giving me the knowledge and privilege to watch grandma Daisy, she reminds me of my mom. So fisty and funny to be around, going to miss her. Thanks for your support with Damitia. There are a lots of things I can’t understand tho. Sending my condolences to you and your family.

Some grandmas play bingo Real grandmas listen to Volbeat shirt, tank top, hoodie

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