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Three cheers to Nancy, her family, and all the awesome people at Rick Steve’s Tours.  We took the Best Of Italy and it far exceeded our wildest dreams about Italy. We made lifelong friends and have tons of fantastic memories! We will all take a tour again one day.

  • Such a touching post. Just this morning I commented to my husband, with whom I’m sharing our current quarantine, how glad I am that we have thrown caution to the wind and followed our travel dreams. We may never have the opportunity again but we have such wonderful memories of all the places we’ve been. We watch your shows and remember all the fun and adventure!
  • Got married when my husband and I were 34 and 35 not a pot to piss in as we were finishing our educations but we took every opportunity to travel never stayed at the Hilton trust me small pensions people’s homes
  • .we’ve traveled so much I look back on those times all the wonderful times I’m so glad with threw caution to the wind packed our bags went out the door and saw the world, I too have been thinking much the same thoughts! I have done 6 European trips & a cruise around Hawaii since April of 2017.

I too have had a few people say you should be saving for retirement. With the mess the world is in right now & another trip to Europe cancelled this past Sept, I too am so glad to have done the travelling when I did…. so many wonderful people I have met along the way, many who are now friends,

My hubby and I have travelled all over Europe over the last 15 years. Our plans have had to change recently due to Covid. Since we are both in our 60s. We hope we will have the chance to travel in the future but we are so happy we traveled above all else in these past years. I am looking at all the responses to Rick’s post, thinking about how soon we will be able to travel again, and there is a name I recognize!!

so amazing to see your name appear! Steve and I are fine. We took two big European trips last year and were feeling a little guilty at the time but not now! Steve is still processing all the photos he took of Germany so in a sense we’re still traveling.

Reading because murder is wrong Fox poster

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