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no answer to my question. All this save the children he must just suddenly care. Or couldn’t do anything until Epstein was dead because it was his buddy. You can go on and on all day. He has been asleep on this and you wont even here about this movement in nov just like the President said the virus will. All for votes. He cares about 1 thing. Winning. Noting else. I’ll wait to see Trump reunite these kids with their parents. I know we will never see it but I’ll wait!!

  • I rather have an abortion than have a crazy abuse careless foster parent mostly they only care about the money to buy their addictions drugs and alcohol, ou really need to research before you try spreading fake news. This was set up 2 YEARS AGO INITIALLY! typical Democrat, whatever you think up you write down without checking facts.
  • How about the fully developed baby being born that abortion mill monsters ripped apart limb by limb, did she care about it too? Not think so! Too bad for her that she neglected tying that millstone around her own neck! You guys are ridiculous. It shouldn’t be called the pro life movement. Pro life leads some to believe you actually care about all stages of life. Which you all don’t. You just care that the baby is born.
  • So call it what it is. The pro birth movement. Which is actually where you guys want to stigmatize women for having a healthy sex life that may produce a pregnancy that could 1. Kill the mother, 2. Cause serious harm to the mother, 3. Completely ruin her mental health. The male in this scenario receives exactly zero negative consequences. The female receives all of them.
So until any of you can find a solution that would show an equal punishment to the male counterpart for his healthy sex life I don’t want to hear it. This is about the woman’s right to choose what happens to her body. If you are pro life, you are for care, freedom, and equality for ALL STAGES OF LIFE.
First heart beat to grave. That means food, health care, shelter, clothes. We treat our prisoners of war better than our citizens. Also, for you religious people get off your moral high horse or ground and remember only God can judge. Not you. So sit back down, and be kind to people around you.

RBG Well behaved women rarely make history poster

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