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For someone who “fervently fought for women’s equality”, I see a lot more male clerks than female. Is is that she based them on merit? Isn’t that complete against the principles of feminism? Not making light of her death, but merely pointing out concerns that are justified.

  • Another bloody funeral where Covid19 will be put aside to honor a favorite of the Democrats. They’re concern about the virus isn’t worth bugger all. Please tell me they’re not going to parade her casket all over the country for the next month, like they did that guy from GA, before they finally bury her. That was such a waste of money and resources.
  • Sorry, but not sorry, it is hard to celebrate someone who has done so much damage to women. She has put forth and supported abortion even up to partial birth abortion! I assume that half those babies aborted were female, never being allowed to become women, and to buy houses or have credit cards. I’m not one to divide, but what good she may have done, is far overshadowed by the damage she supported.
  • How can you celebrate some one life who supported the murder of those who have no voice. Jessica keep the faith, you have a heart that is very caring and sensitive. Jessica Haines Thomas 100% Truth! She advocated for women’s rights ‘to choose ‘at the expense of the unborn. She was responsible for the termination of lives of millions of babies of every background, race, color and creed who could have been doctors, lawyers, scientists, innovators and even the next SCOTUS. May God have mercy on her soul.

I wasn’t being hateful. I was just speaking my mind. People are idolizing this woman and it’s ridiculous. Killing Innocent Babies and Supporting Perversion is nothing to be Proud of. She was committed to this to the end. She was clearly a Communist and has gone to her reward….hopefully she accepted Christ as her Savior before she left but it’s a slim chance at best! Had a lifetime to get things right with the Lord and longer than most! It’s forever settled now!

You people need to get off this one issue train you are on. BECAUSE OF RBG you as a woman can sign a lease or buy a house ON YOUR OWN WITHOUT A MAN’S SIGNATURE, you can have YOUR OWN checking and savings account or credit card without a man’s signature, you can buy a car without a man’s

RBG Fight For Those Without Your Privilege face mask

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