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That is who Putin referred to when he was asked who he preferred to be the US president. He said it didnt matter because after the election men with brief cases in black suits always come take the new president to a secret place and explain to them who is in charge. Comey went to see Trump with the Steel Dossier in his briefcase and told Trump what his policies were going to be. Trump told him to go f himself and the rest is history

  • Ciara MacMahon Higher ups in FBI, Comey and McCabe, have mastered plausible deniability. The definition is: the chain of command denies knowledge or responsibility of any actions committed by others because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation even if they were personally involved.
  • listen to yourself, thats how you define yourselves. Call other people names to build yourself up. It just doesn’t work that way. Look at MaCabe ,& Comey, it has taken awhile but now the —t has hit the fan. Not over either.
  • You’re being a hypocrite. Listen to your Donald and other cohorts here who have called all Democrats “cheaters” and other hideous names. It’s over. Your side lost this election. No, I am in the light. Please, join me. We have a new president who will lead us out of the darkness.

There is no SIDE! We are all Americans! That’s the problem, everyone thinks they are on sides, most people just want a nice peaceful America without socialism and without selling us out to China. You don’t like Trump because he didn’t promote your gay rights agenda like Obama did. Go back to your lover boy and get off Trump site and go to Biden site. How disgusting you are.

No, I’m here to call out your hypocrisy and deception. Donald is the one trying to steal an election that he lost fairly and squarely. The fact is, more than half the nation hates him. And we will never let him live it down. He is the Ultimate Loser.  I have been looking for this beautiful opportunity to trade and earn on bitcoin but I keep on failing until I met Mrs Blessing makovo day on FACEBOOK and told me that it is easy to trade

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Raus mit die Viecher Christmas sweatshirt, hoodie, long sleeve

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