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I agree with this… Honestly Dodo is so horrible for promoting this stuff. Bunnies are supposed to be alone. Their mom spreads the bunnies out so if a predator finds one they won’t find all of them. Unless the bunny is actually injured you should move to a nearby bush and monitor. So many of these cute “I saved a blank” videos are actually just kidnapping videos. And they promote it. It’s not okay

  • Thanks for tearing this bunny rabbit. Making him feels safe and lived. Taking time to build him an area for him to develop physically. Even a hutch, thank you for all you did for this rabbit. Animals are so involved in finding food. But at this age, they usually have their mothers to take care of them, so they are so very sweet. It is their nature.
  • He was awesome, after two years i released Him ans its been 11 years and He Still drops by to say hello and almost every Christmas its the strangest thing! This is so sweet .. how kind and lovely you are .. the little rabbit now has a chance and it’s great you have built him a hutch outside so he can choose where he wants to be.
  • They do not become domestic and unlike other animals their mothers never really raise them/teach them. They come to the hole twice a day to feed when first born… within weeks they leave the hole and fend for themselves.

If an injured rabbit is found and needs help it’s unlikely they’ll survive but if you do get back to health where grown … within weeks they’re like “teens” puberty hits and they go “wild” personality wise. They do not do well as pets. So it’s not like other animals that without mom teaching won’t know… they naturally just know.

Just be careful.I had a bunny that was like a dog.He just showed up and hung around the property for a long while but one night in my car out in the orchard i heard a barn owl grab him and it was screaming as it went above my car and faded away into the dark.

Raised 4 wild baby rabbits. They have very sharp teeth and bite through all the droppers etc. Can jump 3 to 4 feet high even when small. They were so fast you couldn’t catch them inside a 3 ft x 3 ft box. Did not get tame and were let go in the wild.

Rabbit 3D Sweatshirt

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