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We spent almost six weeks driving around UK and Ireland. (That in and of itself was adventure!) Loved hearing the various accents throughout. Generally had no problem, but a couple of Scots on a bus was a little hard to discern…

I have this book and enjoying it immensely. Since we can’t travel abroad this year, I love reading about many of the places we’ve been and new places to visit through Rick’s eyes. Someday (sigh)…

  • This is so great!!! We moved to the UK from the US about three years ago, and those first six months were quite the vocabulary adventure! It’s not just the words themselves. either; sentence structure is different too…much more like French, though I’ll not claim which side influenced the other
  • We had the immense pleasure to live in the UK (near “Pompy”) for two glorious, melodious years. This brought me right back. Whilst there, I had a friend who greatly delighted in teaching me Cockney rhymes. Great post! So much fun to see the language variety. And to think there’s even variations between parts of Britain in some vocabulary.
We spend our summers in Britain. It’s so fun to hear my 5-year-old daughter talk when she’s back in America, telling her mates to queue up or asking them for a go on the swing, before yelling loudly to us “let’s go to the toilet!” then suggesting we have chips again, followed by ginger beer and chocolate biscuits.
You’ll find Australia a mix of the two – with our own colloquialisms. Whatever you do, don’t say you’re rooting for anyone! Nobody is named Randy, nobody! And if they were, they’d change their name before they turned 10! Then there’s a dinky di, true blue, fair dinkum tinny when its hot. Its bonza!
Phil Liggett, the British broadcaster for the Tour de France, has a few expressions that I love. A rider is “in a spot of bother” (which always makes me picture Pooh Bear on a bicycle) or engages in some “argy-bargy.”
We brought high school groups to Europe for 30 years. On one occasion we’d spent two weeks in France and Belgium and arrived at our hotel for two nights in London on our way home. One young man remarked that at last we’d be in a place that spoke English. The woman at the desk winked at me and started talking in the broadest Cockney accent possible, slang and all. His expression was priceless

Queen – Love Of My Life Lyrics poster

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