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You all obviously don’t know mike personally and know that he is an amazing father, husband, brother, friend … so judgmental from a silly/funny 2 min video when you know nothing of the situation.

  • 30 years ago it was acceptable to beat the crap out of your spouse and people actually joked about it on TV. Great you’re an amazing parent with perfect kids who never did anything wrong. Not the point of the post. Move on.
  • I have two autistic kids and absolutely despise clowns like you that see kids acting out, have no insight to the situation, but want to judge and give your input about what you don’t tolerate. she did and let me tell you it didn’t change anything. As a father of 3 I can tell you. Spanking/ beating your child for doing things kids do doesn’t work. Don’t criticize.
  • I think Jake Brown is trying to make the point that not all kids are the same. All you see in this video is a snippet of these people lives. Just because your kids behaved means you are lucky you had kids that respond to how you parented. We are all different, our kids are all different and no two families are exactly the same.

Being a parent is not an easy job and I think instead of people making pointless comments that are also hurtful maybe people should support others more and offer help instead of saying, “in my day!” The thing is times have changed a lot.

I think this is ridiculous , why do you put your kids in a pen? what made her so upset? we can’t know. I think he is the problem. Busy watching TV and ignoring kids. that’s why there’s so many little shits running around today with no respect for anyone or anything! No discipline and to much self entitlement for everything… A good smack on the ass woulda stopped that shit straight up.

There is nothing stated about the health of the child, don’t think they would put an autistic child in a video for what is suppose to be for humor. I never said I was a perfect parent/anything perfect. But I did say my boys knew better then to act like this, it’s called respect! Something alot of kids now days don’t have for their elders.


Quarantined with my cats face mask

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