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If there was fraud, then they would show you the evidence in court, but they can’t because there is none. They talk a lot about it in front of the TV cameras, but they don’t say it in court because you cannot lie to a judge without getting fined or thrown in jail. The only ones trying to steal the election is Trump and company.

  • Out where the corruption is coming from! Voter Fraud is like getting raped. All the burning, destruction of small business! All extreme Democrats! Wow it’s been so quiet because they think the basement freak got in… think again. Get out the orange jumpsuits jails will be filling up! Because we will not give up until all you who helped, will get yours!
  • Are you drunk or just stupid? Everyone knows that Dominion and smartmatic are two different companies on the international market. Research it. That is why the wall is being built like Trump “promised.” That is why vaccines starting to come out for COVID-19 like Trump “promised.
  • ” That is why there are thousands of jobs like Trump “promised.” Did you hear the recent where sleepy Joe wants to shut the country down?? Sleepy Joe wants to raise taxes. Sleepy Joe wants to allow illegals. And dozens more.

Do you mean how all of his cabinet members became fellons? How Trump hid his taxes, lies all the time, fires good people appointed by other Republicans? Yes, i am tired of that too. Hello, how are you.? I’m new to Facebook and just went over Facebook when I was introduced to your profile as someone I might know when I look at your profile.

I saw you as a woman with golden heart so I decided to send you a friend request, but it doesn’t work for me if you don’t mind kindly sending me a friend request.i want you to know that I’m very excited to hear from you soon..

Apple Pervisky Vaccine developed from BionTech and Pfizer. Trump has nothing to do with it. Joe Biden will not shut down the country.He said it in an interview about 3 days ago. Did mexico pay for the wall like Trump said. Is Hillary in prison like he said? They thought everyone was going to believe that, what they were doing ,and blaming on the right; Was going to work. They overplayed their hand, and they lost. Love it.

Probably Watching Friends Doormat

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