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that’s how much you know they tried that he closed that account before he was president and it wasn’t a secret. It might have been to you. Because you seem to know little about what’s going on.

  • Why do you think the establishment as you see it is corrupt. Taking that view you are assuming that all public servants are corrupt. Trump has used his position to give his stupid family jobs, profited from his own property at high rates for international meetings, used tax payers money for his golf trips (just look at all the cars escorting him to the golf course last week) Sheltered underthe presidency to avoid prosecution, and now trying to steal an election. If that isnt corruption I don’t know what is.
  • Gerard Chambers you say that now vs when Trump was your president as you continuously bitched about it. biden is not eligible to be president..his writings…statements on video are against the oaths of office he has sworn to uphold..he is a direct threat to national security of the usa and the the rest of the world…same goes for pelosi and and the other communists…allowing communist individuals to run for office and take elected office are violations against the US Constitution ..

There needs to be a civil war to rid the country of these communists, pedophiles and the evil people who eat children and behead Christians…i can’t mention nouns because facebook protects evil..i am on the side of trump, law and order, the US Constitution ..this evil needs to be killed and the country restored..if not then you and your children and children’s children will be slaves to satan…communists people dont and shouldn’t have any say so in the USA..illegal aliens dont have any rights or say so about anything in the USA.

Biden family and democratic party are the criminal company like a canceller in a body, need to be purified as fast as possible. By only this way America can be greater. Republican and Democrat – have all said they see no widespread voting irregularities, no major instances of fraud or illegal activity.

Prince if you didn’t come to party doormat

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