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Don’t concede recount , but here’s a question , I know we don’t want the government controlling our lives but why are the voter machines manufactured by a private organization were the software is held as a trade secret, our military is the most advanced in the world wouldnt it make more sence to have them create the software we’re leaders of both parties have full access to it

  • continue the games, they are falling into the trap. you are the master. I never saw so many communists and traitors in one country. you will be known as someone who won the New World Order.
  • I cannot wait until your Victory is announced. The Left is making fools of themselves. I also believe they’re in for a surprise when the Durham Report is released. It’s been a long wait, but it will be worth it. Long live the Constitution and the United States of America as the Greatest Free Nation in the World!!
  • We the people need to start using the courts and overwhelming them with lawsuits against their states especially blue states on the election issue. We have every right to do so!!!! Kemp loved having the President campaign for him to become Governor. Now is time he get off his ass and address the outrageous voter fraud in his state. Georgians need to contact him and demand that he does his job or else they’ll do a recall!

Good morning Mr. president we know you won this election, but as we all know that Democrats have 3 years trying to get you out office, they not going to back down now. If we don’t make a strong case with solid proof , they may steal the election. I believe that you truly won because you worked hard for all the American people

If they wouldn’t cheating why go to a judge and ask to help them cheat . A judge that lets that happen needs to be disbarred he or she doesn’t deserve to be over people’s life’s, For all ignorant democrats hijacking this thread. If your Party is so confident that Biden will win then why has Harris not resigned from the senate like oboma and practically every other senator going to office? Thats a reality check.

We are so upset with the wide range of fraud that has taken place. I live in Illinois and you won 88 counties out of 102. Chicago in my opinion was fixed!! I truly belive you flipped Illinois!! I really wish your team would take a look at it!! Also I have donated to your efforts in fighting this horrible fraud!! I hope every supporter goes to your app. And donates!!

Grinch I wouldn’t touch you with a 39.5 foot pole social distancing face mask

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