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I was in Mostar on an overcast spring afternoon in 1982. Such a beautiful little town. Still in Yugoslavia then, and the original bridge.. Daily travel dreaming at this point is pure torture. But so enjoy your detailed descriptions of roads less travelled. We did that last Sept/Oct in Italy & really went on backroads in Scottish Highlands 4 yrs ago. It’s the best..such amazing surprises along the way.

  • Mostar was one of our favorite stops in nearly two months of traveling, and I’d go back again in a heartbeat. We loved Bosnia, and the Balkans in general!
  • Mostar is one of my favourite towns. My husband is originally from the Nevesenje area and I have been many times to the cafes there. My sister-in-law was living in Trebinje and now lives in Mostar. We are due for a visit!
  • Bosnia is such a beautiful country. My DIL is Bosnian,so I have had the pleasure of seeing many amazing sights, meeting kind people and we can’t forget the food! Can’t wait to return
  • I so enjoy all the adventures you take your fans on. It’s a good way to see the world with you as a guide. We have the pleasure of seeing places we will never see in person, but thanks to you and your narratives we get to visit far away places. You bring joy and education to so many. Thank you Rick Steves

One year ago today we drove the same route. Our phone and thus GPS died along the way and we found out our rental car’s charger didn’t work so we spent an hour at a Bosnia service station charging our phone and hanging out with the mechanics over coffee.

We got a hand drawn map for the rest of our route in case we ran out of battery again. Not having any Bosnian Marks (they wouldn’t take Euros) we paid with a pack of my husband’s cigarettes and got a service station logo pen as our “change”. Finally made it to Mostar and loved every moment.

I can’t wait to virtually travel with you every day and read your unique experiences in these storybook ancient towns. I think your curiosity and attention to detail is so admirable and you have created the most rewarding exciting life for yourself. You are a very lucky traveler.

I loved our trip to Bosnia and Croatia – had one of the best meals of my life in Sarajevo and saw the bluest rivers I’ve ever seen – and I can’t wait to get back!

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