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I’m not a fan of opera but I know he has one of the most beautiful voices and could listen to him all day , he’s a genuinely down to earth guy & it’s lovely to see that in the castle . If don’t like his singing voice fine but don’t have to be unkind . He has his finger in his ear which all singers do to see if their in tune when they sing & also he has to do vocal exercises to warm up his throat to be able to singing and doesn’t strain his vocals.

  • Russell is fantastic singer I have seen him in concert twice and I would go again and he he came over has a lovely guy then but in the camp he’s proved that he is the camp mates are really lucky to have him in with them
  • What a load of whingers, & nasty comments on here. If I were a friend of you lot, I’d be keeping my distance! His singing may not be to everyone’s taste, but there are millions who love it, & it’s got him where he is today, famous, & rich!
  • I know people shouldn’t bother watching if they want to moan constantly. We are lucky we got I’m A Celebrity at all. You can’t please some people. it’s appaling some of the comments on this page daily. Most of these are from grown adults and even pensioners spitting their venom and should know better.

I read something a grown man had written the other day about Lewis Hamilton…. I was shocked (and it takes a lot to shock me) then it made me realise why ‘some’ children grew up so nasty and become bullies. What hope do they have when we have an older generation being so vile?

Some people just have to be nasty about everything. Tickles me how so many judge them and say they’re just there for the money. None of them are desperate for money in the first place and will be getting their fees whether they win or not. They could have Madonna or Beyonce in their, sailing through all the trials and doing a mini concert after and people would complain that they are too fit, showing off too much, THEY don’t like them and wanted Britney Spears.

If they can pick on Russell Watson then they can find fault with anyone and anything. It’s obviously all they ever do with their sad lives.  I swear there’s people watching who don’t want light entertainment, they want something to analyse and find fault with, and when there are no faults, they make them up

Phoebe’s Christmas Song Ornament

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