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If anyone at the BBC has this ladies contact details, please let me know. I would love to sponsor her children to go to school. I also pray my children are as beautiful as hers.  She and her children are so beautiful! I actually kinda hope she gets some sort of modelling contract with this coverage because her uniqueness should be celebrated!
  • Rab McDonald you are entitled to your sentiments, but you should not voice those particular ones in a public space. It makes you sound like a racist. People don’t choose the colour of their eyes and this post is about someone who is seen as a witch because of an unusual phenomenon.
  • Blue eyes are a genetic mutation that became so prevalent in the west as people probably found them a favourable and attractive characteristic. She has amazing eyes, absolutely beautiful.
  •  you realise you can’t breed blue eyes right? It’s a recessive gene, you cannot choose to have children with blue eyed people in the hope your children will have blue eyes, it doesn’t work like that – brown eyes are a dominant gene and yes more often than not will over rule other colours but you cannot breed blue eyes
Two blue eyed parents are more likely to have a blue eyed child but can have a brown eyed child. One blue eyed parent and one brown eyed parent can have a brown eyed child or one with hazel eyes or even one with blue eyes if the brown eyed parent has a recessive blue eyed gene.
could you, if you really wanted to and are blue eyed yourself with blue eyed parents, deliberately have a child with another blue eyed person who has blue eyed parents and have a fairly good chance of producing a blue eyed child? That would be breeding. Could of course still end up with a brown eyed kid….
Carolyn Lee I have green eyes. I have two daughters with green eyes (exactly my shade of green), one daughter with brown eyes and one son with bright blue eyes. Their dad has brown eyes.
So one of us is carrying the recessive blue eye gene I’m sure.

Phoebe Oh my eyes My eyes poster

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