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Face facts, there will always be someone without a mask where ever you go, so take responsibility for yourself/your own health.  Seriously. Did you see the news tonight about his son? Shame Biden is a snake in.the grass always has been. Used his vice presidency to nothing but a taker and thug to our European counterparts.

  • Sorry for you Kathleen. I didn’t lol I’ve never called Biden a pedo, I said it was creepy when he hugs and kisses the heads of children he doesn’t know, but nope, never called him a pedo. Kathy, its in the best interest of all of the famous pedos..to make him out as one. Check it out. Even look deep into Micheal Jackson..they made him look like one too.
  • That man was afraid for his life. Trump is fighting against the human trafficking… they all want to take him down. Joe bidden is the one that’s always whispering into the ears and touching the faces and hair of every child he sees. That’s exactly what Trump was doing – pinching and groping his own grandchildren.
  • So if it’s OK for Trump, then why did you accuse Biden of doing the same thing? please read my posts about trump,and then check out the talk shows he had with Whoopi goldberg and also ( more so ) with the guy who had trump on his show daily for a year .He trump has openly talked about how sexy he found his daughter.andhe has said many things which should have got him locked up.

He is Epstein’s very veryclose friend.And there are 6 court cases I heard thats been squashed at present all of them supposed to bekids below 13.Find out who Katie Johnson is ,and what happened to her. How many people at the rally were wearing masks and social distancing? What did his grandchildren learn from the rally about public health precautions during this global health crisis?

I hope you never have grandkids. I love mine all the time I see them. Wow..But BIden can go around and smell little girls hair and womens hair. Plus touch them inappropriately all the time. My grandma who is old and has no idea who Biden is when she sees this says who is that dirty old man.

Sad to see our great nation on the verge of communism! My father in law a WWll veteran! Went to defend form the very thing we are having here! The Bushes and McCain got to to go! For the first time I will be voting straight Republican!


Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created Esther 4:14 Nurse poster

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