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That the sooo adorable! Brought tears to my eyes this kitty is identical to my Tate . And yes when I brought home my 2 GS he survived both. My second he only had a year with but they were the same way. I just love this ! Absolutely beautiful, I have tears, my old kitty lucy got out and never came back she been gone 4 days now, she was very sick I think she went to die somewhere else so we would not grieve for her.

  • It always makes me nervous to see big dogs with cats so it was so sweet to see how gentle the dog is with the kitty when fully grown.  I love that they love each other. The best movie I have ever seen. They sure loved each other after a bit of time. Animals are wonderful. How sad our lives would be without them.
  • A beautiful relationship from these two  When everyone else and even my family rejected me because of my downfall in life, the only one I know I can seek comfort in is my one and only furry companion at home – my cat Dodo . Sometimes they just seem to know the sadness that you’re feeling and will look you in the eyes as if telling you that everything is going to be okay.
  • These two souls remind me of my dog and cat grew up together.. They played and ate together until my cat suddenly passed away last April.. I know that my dog missed her so much that’s why I cried and smile at the same time.We really missed my cat Ming Ming.  Oh that made me cry! So many happy memories of dog/cat interactions.

I remember when my beautiful briard Brandy died, her cat brother kept going up and pawing her to play. It was so sad and so adorable. What a wonderful relationship they had, like a truncated sibling love. Truly lovely.

I love how you kept up with the videos as puppy got bigger and the dog and cat became great friends. I don’t know what the song title is, but I love it also. Awwwwww beautiful video , save it and watch it whenever you are having a bad day and I assure you will have the best day ever and make you smile. Love this, they are so adorable. Wish my boy would accept my cat. She’s looks at him, like her last girl dog. Hazel passed, she looks to snuggle now with our boy rudy. Our cat does wants to be so close to him. I feel bad, she so wants a partner in crime.

Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created Esther 4:14 Nurse poster

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