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yeah, but doesn’t justify leaving. A kid running away for a second is quite easy. So, based on your premise, if someone kidnapped her, then is fine, because her parents weren’t around? Because 8 year olds dont ride bikes by themselves… Ever been in a school zone there are plenty of kids riding their bikes without a parent… Always one in the bunch .

  • Stacey Nabozny THE HORROR never mind the hit amd run driver. It’s the parents fault.. have you ever been in a school.zone? There are plenty of kids riding their bikes without a parent in site. Oh hey maybe you could go to one and call 911
  • Carcamo when kids ride a bike they have to cross the street to get to the other side. Oh get this they can do this without a parent. There not pets to be kept in a cage. Hey go to a school zone there is a whole bunch kids riding bikes by them self and there are streets to cross that dont have a crossing guard. Yeah the horror!
  • Joshua Palmer you’re only seeing clips of the entire video and they were provided to media by the girl’s parents. The driver did get out and check, she said she was fine and walked away with a friend. Driver called 911. Police drove through neighborhood but couldn’t find the girl.

Whoever the driver is she clearly wasn’t looking… there are no trees obstructing her vision and it was a clear street… she was obviously going too fast on a side street and she probably got distracted… also she should of jumped out of that car immediately!!

Did you not read what News 12 said. It’s a motion camera. It started recording the moment the child got hit and again when the driver left. Those were the only two clips they had from the accident. The driver probably was doing something wrong to begin with because why did they leave?

how does she sound crazy for saying the driver should have stayed with her and called police? That’s what your supposed to do when you hit someone, if it was motion detected wouldn’t it have caught the car moving before hitting her? I mean that girl had to have been riding that bike from one of those streets. There was more video you can bet that.

Pastor Warning Anything you say or do could be used in a sermon mug

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