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I mean, you’d have to connect Biden to the fraud, which I can almost guarantee he didn’t have anything to do with. This is a DNC machine issue, not something the candidates are caught up in The republican party need observe ballot in PA immediately. The democrats party can edit illegal ballots become legal ballots

  • I hope you are right, but if you know the Bible Gods plan is in the works for the end times, and this Biden is part of it and we cant change Gods plan, so just get ready with god and the holy spirt, and let the evil show it’s ugly face and he does say that more people will wake to the light but it will be to late, but God will prevail in the end.
  •  China is trying to kill us so let’s have more China people vote for trump bc trump don’t give a fuk about us he said it him self I don’t care about the people who died from Covid good president
  • Pavel Georgiev 911 was very very real. I watched as the planes flew into the buildings and thousand of people were killed. Osama Bin Laden took instant credit for it. It was far from fake and I had friends who were in the pentagon when the plan flew into it.

Here is a fun fact. After the 2016 election, Trump screamed voter fraud, because he lost the popular vote. Trump launched The Voting Integrity Commission, led by Mike Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kovach. This commission was in operation for 11 months. In August of 2018, the commission reported that they uncovered no evidence to support claims of widespread voter fraud. This was Trumps own team!! But, here we are crying voter fraud again!

Funny thing is Beth, I was watching NBC and they were talking about people in Africa not liking Trump and celebrating Biden’s “win” and here you have someone from over there who supports him and you tell her to stay in her lane. Was it ok for NBC to report on the reaction in Africa but not her to express her support? So?

I guess the media missed that or is that another fake story ? Funny I don’t remember seeing anything like that on any propaganda media outlet, Yes However No one called fraud in 2016 when Trump lost the popular vote. We are killing our democracy The election results were not fraud. We are becoming a third world country.

Pastor because hardcore devil-stomping ninja isn’t an official job title mug

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